Copy & Restoration By Grace

In almost all cases your new print can be improved and enlarged at least one size from the original. Each print must be inspected on its own merits.

Your Original Print stays in our Studio. All work is done on the new print right here. We will protect the original and return it with your new prints.

Photo Restoration

Before and After Restoration

In almost every instance we are able to restore:

  • Torn photographs - even in many pieces
  • Faded photographs - even when the image is barely visible
  • Off color photographs - the famous green or red fade colors
  • Most facial features - even when the area has been damaged

We can usually:

  • Add people or objects to an existing image
  • Remove someone or something and make it look like they were never there
  • Replace people or objects with something else

Detail of Photo Restoration

Restoration Cost

Restoration Cost is by quote. Because of the variety of problems we encounter, we need to see each piece to give an accurate estimate.

Before and After Restoration

Please note: ALL WORK is done on the NEW photograph, the original stays the way you brought it in.

Copyright Notice: We cannot copy or reproduce any picture with a logo or copyright on the print without the permission of the original author (photographer). If you have such a picture, and do not know where it came from, we might be able to help you find the studio it came from.